Paris Gare du Nord station

Motorcycle shuttle service from Paris's first railway station

You live in Lille, London, Brussels and regularly return to Paris during the day for business trips, travelling by motorcycle taxi in Paris allows you to optimize your travel time and save at least 1 hour in your day.

The large flow of passengers arriving at the Gare du Nord station at peak times makes it difficult to access taxis. Even if the number of taxis is large, it is not uncommon to queue for more than 30 minutes. By booking on our platform, no more stressful waiting times at taxi lines and Parisian traffic jams, a driver waits for you as soon as you arrive at the Paris North Station and drives you to your destination in complete safety.

Gare du Nord – Book a motorcycle taxi

Transfer from Gare du Nord station

As our rates are fixed, you know the price of your transfer at the time of your reservation.

Urban Driver
Gare du Nord – Paris
Price From 43€
Travel time Between 10 and 20 minutes

Booking on the train and booking in advance

Our fleet of vehicles and information systems allows you to make reservations in advance up to 25 minutes before the desired departure time. This reactivity allows you to make your reservation on the train to Paris. It is now also possible to order a motorcycle taxi immediately upon your arrival at Gare du Nord station via mobile applications thanks to the geolocation of the drivers.

For any reservation of a motorcycle taxi to go to Gare du Nord Station to London, please take into account the check-in deadline. Indeed, boarding the Eurostar requires customs and security clearance and requires a presentation at the ticket offices 30 minutes before the departure of the Eurostar train, 10 minutes if you are travelling in first class or business class.

Meeting Point with your driver on arrival at the Gare du Nord station

When you arrive at the Gare du Nord, your driver will be waiting for you in front of the Hyppopotamus restaurant, which is located at the corner of rue de Dunkerque and rue de Compiègne. Tell the driver your name and the name of Urban Driver to make sure you take the bike you have been assigned.

Your questions about booking motorcycle taxis from Gare du Nord station

Need a fast transfer to an airport, what is the price of a motorcycle taxi between Gare du Nord and Orly and Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airports?

Airport Transfer
Paris intra muros
Paris From 43€ From 65€ From 88€
Orly From 65€ From 95€
Roissy From 90€ From 95€


The average travel time from Gare du Nord station is 36 minutes to Orly airport and 30 minutes to Roissy CDG.

During your trip, do you have a connection between Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon?

Spaced 5 kilometers apart, you need fast transport between these two Parisian stations, your driver picks you up in front of the Gare du Nord and drops you off in 20 minutes in front of the Gare de Lyon.

About the North Station (Partis Gare de Nord station)

The leading station in France and Europe with more than 260 million passengers per year, more than 2000 trains per day and serving 4 European countries, namely Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Exact address: 112 rue de Maubeuge, 75010 Paris.

Need a moto cab from another Paris train station ?

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