The City of Light, our activity consists in providing you with the motorcycle taxi driver who will drive you to your destination with the assurance of time spent on the road.

The motorbike taxi service guarantee that you will arrive at your destination on time. Specialist in airport and train station transfers, URBANDRIVER provides the quickest and more efficient way to get from A to B.

We have been providing our Motorcycle Taxi service since 2008. Our foundations are built on three pillars which we take very seriously: Punctuality, Safety and Attentive staff.

URBANDRIVER insures a great motocab service, making your business travel hassle-free and enjoyable. Our drivers are fully licensed, insured and have a great knowledge of Paris.

Motorbike Taxi - Safety Service Punctuality

Why choose Urban Driver ?


The ability of our Motorbike Taxi driver to ensure the time of arrival at any destination is the reason why celebrities and company directors  used this mean of transport for business trips.


All our riders have been riding professionally for many years in Paris, are fully qualified and highly experienced. They are experts in carrying passengers.

Most of our bikes are the Honda Goldwing 1800cc, the most confortable and reliable motorbike on the road with a rear seat back fitted for more comfort and security and a luggage rack designed to carry on cabin sized cases  and laptop bag.

Passengers are provided with helmet, jacket, gloves and if necessary waterproof equipment.


Want to book a ride ? Use our online platform, our application or give us a call. You will receive an immediate email booking confirmation and a SMS with driver’s details 20 minutes before your ride.

Ontime 96%
Safety 100%
Service 94%

Two kinds of motorbike are available : Urban Style or comfort.

Taxi scooter

Choose the Suzuki Burgman 650cc scooter for cheap motorcycle taxi transfers. The maxi-scooter is an ideal for journey inside Paris .

Taxi motorcycle

Riding on Honda Goldwing motorcycle taxis, you will appreciate the first class comfort offered to passengers (rear seat back, heated seat, and bluetooth intercom with your driver). A powerful 1800cc motorcycle with ABS.

Licensing requirements for motorcycle taxis in Paris, drivers licence, rules, laws and decrees.

Bikes and drivers are fully insured to carry fare paying passengers and are licensed and regulated by prefecture of the department.

Prices- Price simulator motorcycle taxi

Our rates are fixed and start at 43€ for transfer inside Paris. Get quote easily entering pickup and drop-off locations.

  • Fixed rates,
  • FREE Waiting Time (20 minutes at Airports, else 10 minutes).
  • Book Motorbike Taxi Online
  • FREE cancellation (until 1 hour before pickup),
Fixed rates
Taxi moto
Paris intramuros
From 43€
Paris <-> Orly
From 74€
Paris <-> Roissy CDG
From 93€

Our price will be fixed for your journey, price will not be charged for traffic or any reason.

Card Payment

You can book a Motorcycle Taxi by paying in card.

Paiement Carte Bancaire Paiement Carte Visa Paiement Mastercard Paiement American Express

Terms and conditions

Waiting Time
All meets apart from airports waiting time are free for the first 10 minutes; thereafter you will be charged 1€ per minute on the entire waiting time. In case of airports’ meets, the first 20 minutes waiting time from the time of landing are free, and additional free waiting time can be requested at the time of booking; thereafter Customers will be charged 1€ per minute. There is no additional charge for flight delays.

Cancellation policy
The Customer will be able to cancel a reservation for free up to 1 hour before pickup. Cancellations notified within 1 hours of the pick-up time bear a charge equal to 100% of the quoted Price.

Airport Motorbike Taxi service

Your flight arrive at Orly or Roissy CDG airport at 08:00 am and you have a meeting in the center of Paris at 09:00 am, how can you be sure to arrive on time? Book a motorcycle taxi airport service ensure the time of arrival at your destination.

Shuttle – Airport transfer: your plane is on time and lands at Orly West at 08:10am, the time to meet your driver and equip yourself, you are comfortably installed on the taxi bike Goldwing at 08:17am, your chauffeur bike will ride through the Capital’s congested streets and drops you off in Paris only 26 minutes after your departure. You arrive at your destination at 08:44am without the stress of traffic jam and ready to facilitate your meeting.

Travel time from Paris airports :

Fixed rates

Airport offers

Motorbike Taxi Service Paris Train Stations

You travel to the capital by TGV or Eurostar, comfortably installed in a high-speed train or scrolling through the landscape. You fear your arrival at a station (Gare du Nord, Gare Montparnasse, Gare de l’Est etc.) synonymous with waiting in the taxi lines, traffic jams and stress of arriving on time at your business meeting. After the train, extend your trip at high speed by booking your motorcycle taxi service at the Paris train station.

The driver waits for you as soon as your train arrives in front of the station, welcomes you and equips you in a few minutes and travel you to your meeting in complete peace of mind.
Riding in line, in first position at traffic lights, picked up just in front of the station and dropped off in front of the office, travelling by motorcycle taxi guarantees you fast door-todoor transport, freedom is yours and traffic stress is over.

Fixed Rates

Parisian railway stations offers

Motorbike Taxi Service in Paris

Our company offers you a motorcycle passenger transport service in Paris intramuros, from all districts, immediate order or in advance.

A meeting at the other end of the capital, a call for tenders to submit, a tight schedule between your last meeting and your evening at the Paris Opera or the Eiffel Tower, when travelling to Paris in the inner suburbs or in the La Défense business district, you are looking for a fast transport service to avoid all the hazards of Parisian traffic, adopt the motorcycle taxi is the solution that revolutionizes your travel.

Your office is in La Défense, you have a business lunch on rue de Rennes in the 6th arrondissement, it will take you 35 to 40 minutes by public transport or car and only 20 to 25 minutes by getting on a motorcycle taxi. You are convinced, book your ride now with

Distances in Paris

Both capital and department of the Ile de France, the city has an area of 105 km2 and is only 113th among French municipalities. The capital is therefore not as large as it seems: from north to south, either from the Porte de la Chapelle to the Porte d’Orleans, the distance is 9.5km and from east to west, or from the Porte de Saint Cloud to the Porte de Vincenne, the distance is 18km.

Travel time in Paris

At first glance, one may wonder why take a Parisian motorcycle taxi to travel such a short distance. The reason is very simple, the capital is ranked among the most congested cities in Europe, 8th behind London and Marseille (Source TomTom Trafficindex) and it is not
uncommon during rush hours to loose 45 minutes in traffic jams for one hour trips. The average traffic speed of a car is 15km/h in the capital and 37km/h on the ring road.

When travelling by motorcycle taxi in the City of Light, you know in advance the time of your journey. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to cross the city from coast to coast or from north to south.

All the districts of Paris served by Urban Driver

Our company provides motorcycle taxi services from all neighborhoods.

  • 1th arrondissement
  • 2th arrondissement
  • 3th arrondissement
  • 4th arrondissement
  • 5th arrondissement
  • 6th arrondissement
  • 7th arrondissement
  • 8th arrondissement
  • 9th arrondissement
  • 10th arrondissement
  • 11th arrondissement
  • 12th arrondissement
  • 13th arrondissement
  • 14th arrondissement
  • 15th arrondissement
  • 16th arrondissement
  • 17th arrondissement
  • 18th arrondissement
  • 19th arrondissement
  • 20th arrondissement


Motorbike Taxi Service in Ile de France

Your home or office is in a department bordering the IDF prefecture and you regularly make business trips to the provinces or abroad. You must therefore reach train stations or airports of Orly and Roissy CDG at peak times, travelling by motorcycle taxi Ile-de-France is the
solution preferred by business people offering a travel time known in advance and the end of the stress of missing your train or plane.

Transfer from all departments in Paris area

taxi moto en Ile de FranceThe coverage area of our idf motorcycle taxi system extends over all departments 75-77-78-91-91-92-92-93-94-94-95.

The Ile-de-France region, which covers more than 12,000 km2, is divided into 8 departments and has no fewer than 12 million inhabitants, or about 20% of the French population.

While there are particularly numerous means of transport in the suburbs with a highly developed road and rail network (RATP), IDF traffic jams have increased by 26% in 4 years at peak times (Source: V-Traffic Study). To travel without any problems, taking an idf
motorcycle taxi remains the fastest door-to-door mode of transport, regardless of the mode of transport.

The network of motorcycle taxis in IDF being around 500 drivers, it is impossible to grid all the departments as it is the case with taxis. To guarantee the availability of a driver from the suburbs, we advise you to book your motorcycle taxi in the suburbs at least one hour in
advance to ensure that your reservation is confirmed.


IDF departments served by Urban Driver

Our company provides its motorcycle transport service in Paris and suburbs.

  • Seine et Marne – 77
  • Yvelines – 78
  • Essonne – 91
  • Hauts de Seine – 92
  • Seine Saint Denis – 93
  • Val de Marne – 94
  • Val d’Oise – 95

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